Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Three Vespa in total?

Red, white and blue.... :)
The so called "color of freedom" ... Peace Love Unity and Respect.
Happy new year people of the world. :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Melilas/Ingai Trip

3 Days & 2 night trip definitely an outing. It was an awesome & amazing trip with all the unusual character dudes. Anyway, detail epic can be found from these triple link. For the offroad although dry season but still challenging that wreck two car except the Hilux. 

Picture (Courtesy from Iskandar & Amirio). 

                                          May be he think this is Camel Trophy....

                         PAKAT of the year " Renny for standing in front of Hilux"

                                                       Ninja Bersiar2....

                   Community Service..Build a road with lot of Supervisor???

                                                   Hope you get a lot of fish???

                   Group Photo...The End..PS: Many Thanks to Kg People..:)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Signing of V-Rod Muscle

Khai has decided to upgrade his vespa to V-rod Muscle. Over the weekend, the signing ceremony commenced at Harley Davidson Gallery, so if you hear vroom-vroom2 around Brunei, then you know is KHAI..:)

 Tutup mata sajalah...sign sajalah, jangan saja keluarnya kap cailah...

                                      Yes2...This will be the one & only.


One of the activity in 2009 was pancing in the jungle trek lead by Julberg. Number of fish caught was unknown or "Can't remember"....hee. But in end May, there will be "Hot Spring Ingai Trip", including fishing, tangkap pelanduk etc2. That will be 3 days 2 nights. For skuter trip, hopefully will be in June/July as advised by Captain Arch. 

                                            Ikan apakah ini??

                                             Upgrade dah...

                                  Ani memancingkah or tinggal sebulan di hutan...

                First mangsa of mud with Man Utd guy try to pull out the car..

                                 Badang want to tarik the hilux..heee

                                 Pro-pancing show the skill in crocodile river....
                                                               Rehat2 dulu...
                                 Prado putihtu.....tukar tia tyre simex eh..keee

               Azfri " Mana tia lari ikannya ani.....takut ia kan kami ani"

                                                                Group photo

Sunday, March 1, 2009


This was actually in december trip during raining season. So far no skuter trip during the raining season & therefore mainly 4x4 trip. Hopefully, there will be skuter trip somewhere in March or April depending on Captain & committee call...hee. For Nyamuknying trip, it's kind of tarik menarik trip where 50 m took us 1.5 hr to travel so just imagine. We stumble on group of motor cross but thay also end up in the mud zone.

Nice Motor cross...

Mandi lumpur..cuba liat motor sebalah kiritu..behapa dorang ah???

Hilux...Tarik2 sampai keluar..hee

Menarik lagi....
Mencari buaya???
Aduh kuning sudah engine kitatu...undercoatkah??